Non-Collegiate Women's Education Board

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About Non-Collegiate Women's Education Board

Delhi University was established in 1922 and by an amendment of the Delhi University Act in 1943, women students were enabled to take some of the examinations of the University with special coaching but without attending regular classes. This gave special shape to the Non-Collegiate Women's Education Board (NCWEB), which is now well established.Women Students residing in Delhi only can enroll themselves as students of the Board subject to eligibility. The Board began functioning in September 1944 with 3 students at Postgraduate level. At present the enrollment in Under Graduate Classes is more than 16,000 and Postgraduate classes is approx 500. Till 1971 classes for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses were held at the Arts Faculty Complex. However due to the steep increase in number of students, space became a serious problem and several Teaching Centres had to be opened in various women's colleges in different parts of Delhi. At present, Postgraduate classes are held at Hansraj College, University of Delhi. Major advantages of the Non-Collegiate programme of teaching is the low cost of education, utilization of the existing infrastructure and facilities available in the educational institutions during Sundays and Vacantions.

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