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ETEN CS - Preet Vihar


ETEN CS - Preet Vihar
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AFFILIATIONS:- Autonomous Program

The teaching staff lectures are beamed to all approved ETEN CS centers from the state-of-the-art central studios at Delhi, Gurgaon, NOIDA, Bengaluru, and Chennai. During the assemblies pupils and teaching staff are able to see and hear each other as if they're face to face. The instructional staff can look into each class and see each pupil nearly, to control their body language and characters. The teaching staff and studio personnel can view multiple classrooms, all over different places, at the same time and see pupil answer, attention span, behavior, and responses to guidances. The whole session is aided by proficient session-controllers and center coordinators. Scholars can use the chat feature given in all classrooms to reply teachers questions, to pose issues or interpret uncertainties to the teachers at any time during the session. Any student-faculty communication may be seen by all centers to allow all pupils to collectively profit from questions. ETEN CS has grown to be essentially the most powerful model in significant education.

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